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Der Teufelsberg in Berlin
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Einen moment inne Hallen 
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41 Gymnasia
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Some Magazine
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No direction home
‘Homelands’ exhibition review. Sonam Joshi, Time Out Delhi. January 18th 2013.  

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British Archaeology 
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04/22 Angus Boulton
Text & film stills in ‘The aerodrome: Art, heritage and landscape at former RAF Coltishall’.
Alongside texts by John Schofield, Wayne Cocroft, Gair Dunlop and Louise K.Wilson.
Journal of Social Archaeology No.2012 12:120, Feb 2012.  LINK

Society and Space
Online interview with Dr. Debbie Lisle, Senior Lecturer in the School of Politics,
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Ein Magazin über Orte
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Restricted areas – Angus Boulton
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‘Cood bay Forst Zinna’ – Angus Boulton
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European Photography
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Restricted area  Andrew Mead
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Melancholie der Verwandlung – Wieland Freund
‘Last & Lost’ exhibition review. Die Welt, Berlin, 24.3.06.  LINK

Der Angriff der gegenwart auf die übrige Zeit  Alex Rühle
‘Last & Lost’ exhibition review. Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, 23.03.06.

Arte – Metropolis
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Auf den Territorien der Müdigkeit – Sabine Berking
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Galerie photoAngus Boulton
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The ultimate achievement ?
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‘Home, sweet home’ Timm Ulrichs
Project consultant/photographic contributor 1996/97.
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Anschwellende mittelstreifenbreiten – Ulrich Schötker
DG Bank Exhibition review, Die Tageszeitung, Berlin, 11.6.99.  LINK

The Broader Picture
The Homeless. Independent on Sunday Magazine, London, 3.9.95.